Infrastructure Services

IT Infrastructure Support Service

IT Infrastructure support service’s main aim is to ensure stability and performance of your organization, cloud, or hybrid IT environments. Waveone offers IT infrastructure support service to attain high performance, optimization, developing, and commissioning of IT solutions

IT Infrastructure Design & Deployment

During the deployment design phase of the solution life cycle, you design a high-level deployment architecture and a low-level implementation specification and prepare a series of plans and specifications necessary to implement the solution. Project approval occurs in the deployment design phase.

IT Infrastructure Migration Services

  • Assessment of present infrastructure
  • Appraisal & Planning of new location
  • Setup important agreements like networks cabling, ISP, Telecom
  • Development of Network Devices from one location to another
  • Complete testing of the whole Network

IT Consulting

  • Investigating the current infrastructure components
  • Defining IT infrastructure problems and alleviation plans
  • Making objectives for the improvement of IT Infrastructure
  • Look out for the technologies to use in IT infrastructure or shift it to the cloud.
  • Configuring a new infrastructure or its elements.

Custom IT Infrastructure Projects

  • System New IT infrastructure at any location
  • Update any server, Network, and computer devices
  • Updation of Operating system and other software
  • Add-ons to the IT Infrastructure network
  • Updation in physical and wireless connectivity
  • IT Services as per your needs

IT Infrastructure Troubleshooting

  • User Administration
  • Software Composition
  • Software Updates
  • Troubleshooting
  • Resolving Solutions

IT Infrastructure Improvement

  • Preparing and designing changes and extensions of the IT infrastructure
  • Executing changes by merging with the team
  • Carrying training for the IT Infrastructure support Team

Providing You The Latest Technology For A Competitive Edge

Our IT infrastructure team aims to keep updated with the time and develop a consolidated platform that permits unorganized businesses to compete with organized ones. We’ll purchase your present technology, suggest software, and execute cloud solutions to help you get good growth.However, if you are unsure where to start, tell us your business motives. SO that we will have a CIO/CTO complete an IT assessment, then design your planned tech roadmap to attain your goals.